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We design and manufacture vinyl decals for all motor vehicle applications, whether private or for business.

With decades of experience in marketing and graphic design, Keppel Net can produce the perfect graphics for your work van, ute or custom rod.

For business clients, every vehicle in your fleet is an opportunity to promote your brand and products every time it leaves the parking lot.

In today's competitive climate, this is vital, and equally vital is that you do it well.

A large part of your business success hinges on how well you present your vehicles to the world, and your signs should say it all.

Van Signage at Keppel Net Yeppoon

Based in Rockhampton and Yeppoon, vehicle signage is a specialty at Keppel Net.

Using the world's best adhesive vinyls by Avery, our stencil-cut decals are of impeccable quality and designed to last for years in the hot Australian sun.

Living proof of the success of using your car as a marketing tool, is the Reef Beauty race ute pictured opposite.

Often seen around the roads and highways throughout South and Central Queensland, and featured extensively in online marketing campaigns, the famous blue FPV is the best known car in the industry.

The amount of brand recognition, credibility, and new sales it generates is beyond measure.

Marketing Integration

stickers for OEM Original Equipment Manufacturing

Quality aside, what really sets Keppel Net apart is our ability to implement a complete business promotion package.

Keppel Net has everything covered from shopfronts to web design to print media.

We can integrate the colours, layout, and logos of your vehicle signs with your other marketing projects. We also stock a growing range of popular ready made stickers.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call on 49267778 or use the online form on the contacts page.

Have a great day.

Andrew Thompson.