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Anyone can build a website. It's easy. That's why there are so many DIY services out there.

However, building a website that is functional, search-friendly, and generates new clients, is entirely different.

There are also some really cheap 'professional' deals to be had. The site will probably look great, but will it serve its actual purpose?

Then there are the really expensive websites and you're scratching your head wondering what the difference is.

Are they just overpriced or do they do something that the cheaper sites don't do?

These are all good questions.

Equally, a lot of website buyers fall into the trap of locking themselves into maintenance contracts that cost $100+ a month that promise the world and do absolutely zero.

This industry plays on the average business owner's ignorance of the internet. At best, you might receive a 'traffic report' by email which in real terms means diddly-squat.

Custom Web Sites

Bellicious Pregnanacy Wear

I'm not into making bulk thousands of websites and winning every deal, as I have three other companies apart from this one and they feed me well.

But I do love technology and the ever-changing face of the internet. I'm in this industry for passion alone. Being an entrepreneur, I love a challenge and I have tons of experience on the coalface in a dozen industries.

To that end, Keppel Net only builds custom websites. I've built sites for clients around the world for almost 20 years.

They rank highly in searches, and they are updated frequently as new technology comes to hand.

In this day and age of social media, it's in my interests to make you succeed. Your success is my success.

When you call, you won't get a telemarketer on the phone or someone you can barely understand.

You'll get a web developer on the phone who can answer your questions in plain English and walk you through some options.

Don't buy badly. Give us a call and let's see what we can work out together.

Why do I need a website?

Most business owners 'know' they need a website.

You must have a website, right? Ten telemarketers ring you every month telling you so.

But at the end of the call, you're still wondering how a website will help your business.

There is one very simple answer. Your business must generate a profit, therefore your website must do the same. It must generate sales.

Traffic and hits do not generate sales.

These figures can be falsified easily. The real proof is in your web ranking.

Web developers can't doctor the position you hold on Google or Yahoo or Bing, and you can check these rankings yourself easily and whenever you like.

That's where Keppel Net comes in. Search engines love us.

We make crisp, clear websites, with thoughtful optimisation designed to attract the customers who are searching for your wares.

Your Keppel Net website will be built with the following goals in mind:

Keppel Net is about showcasing your business to the world, and we can do this in many ways.

On top of websites, we also handle print, signwriting, and graphic design.

We can seamlessly integrate your website with your shopfront design, stickers, business cards, footpath signs, vehicle signage, and flyers.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call on 07 4926 7778.

If you want to drop in for a chat, the Keppel Net office is at Reef Studios, 250 Musgrave Street, North Rockhampton.

Have a great day.

Andrew Thompson.